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    Best water filter (for bushcraft and Survival)

    My Choice, for Best Water Filter  … { IMHO – YMMV } You Need “Clean” Water!! What I Use I have, over the years, most often relied on Boiling, to provide for “Clean” drinking water. You might see different ideas on boiling water .. Often I see so called experts call for “A Rolling Boil” for a full 5 minutes (or even as high as 20 minutes) Yet, The FDA states that “Baddies” are Killed at 160 degrees F. The Truth – According to Joe – is that “By the time your water reaches that often quoted ‘rolling boil’, and cools to drinking temperature (anywhere on earth), It Is Safe” !! You can…

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    The 13 Essentials (of Wilderness Survivaling)

    The 13 Essentials (of Wilderness Survivaling) Before looking at the 13 Essentials (of WIlderness Survival), Here is a little background on the concept. You are probably familiar with the traditional “10 essentials” (originally formalized in the 70s by “The Mountaineers”  Map  Compass  Sunglasses and sunscreen  Extra clothing  Headlamp or flashlight  First-aid supplies  Firestarter  Matches  Knife  Extra food … Later expanded to the following “Categories” Navigation: Map and compass, [GPS device], [satellite communicators], [extra batteries or a battery pack] Headlamp: Plus extra batteries Sun protection: Sunglasses, sun-protective clothes, and sunscreen First aid supplies, Including foot care and insect repellent (if required) Knife: Plus repair kit Fire: Matches, perhaps a lighter (and tinder?)…

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    5 best Bushcraft Survival Knives – Tools That I have Known and Loved

    Over the years I have had quite a number of “Woods Tools” .. Each of these “tools” had its pros and cons .. and I imagine I might  still  – at this late date – find one or a few that I ‘might’ Really Like .. But these are the 5 Best Bushcraft Survival Knives that I currently have and Use, and they would be hard to beat, I think. …. Side Note: There are people out there who have paid Hundreds, if not Thousands of dollars for a Wilderness Knife, only for it to be stored away .. ‘they’ call them “Safe Queens”, or “Vault-Queens” … (It has been my observation, over…

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    Cutting Tool(s)

    One of the most important Tools that you will want/need, in a Wilderness Survivaling situation is going to be a Good Cutting Tool. Now, depending on where you are, and what you are doing, there are Many types of Cutting Tools, and you may choose to carry with you one or a number of them. Knives If you are just going to carry one knife with you (One Tool Option*) you will want a knife that will do the many tasks you are going to be needing to do – from Cutting, to slicing .. Perhaps Chopping and/or Splitting larger wood. Some items to consider might be: a basic pocket…