Cutting Tool(s)

One of the most important Tools that you will want/need, in a Wilderness Survivaling situation is going to be a Good Cutting Tool.

Now, depending on where you are, and what you are doing, there are Many types of Cutting Tools, and you may choose to carry with you one or a number of them.


If you are just going to carry one knife with you (One Tool Option*) you will want a knife that will do the many tasks you are going to be needing to do – from Cutting, to slicing .. Perhaps Chopping and/or Splitting larger wood.

Some items to consider might be:

  • a basic pocket knife ..
  • a multi tool (such as a Leatherman or Swiss Army ‘Tool’) ..
  • a Sheath Knife
  • a Kukri or Machete

Other Cutting Tools

For other / heavier cutting tasks you might want to consider

  • Hatchet or ‘Hawk
  • Axe
  • Saw

* One Tool Option

The One Tool Option certainly means different things to different people, and is an often ‘hotly debated’ topic.

The One Tool Option implies that of the many uses you will run into during your ‘outing’, this One Tool will fulfill your needs “well enough”, and without fail.

I have, over the years, had Many ‘knives’ that served me well, in various situations and locations.

As a youngun, I went on MANY Treks and Adventures, and did just about everything I “needed” with my Boy Scout Pocket Knife, (and my official Boy Scout “Sheath Knife and Hatchet Combo”)
Later on, I made Good Use of a Air Force Pilot Survival Knife (and a USMC KaBar fighting knife)
.. (And one of my favorites was/is a Utility-Tool/Knife I made, from a pry bar)

Nowadays, I am usually pretty ‘tool heavy’ (I EDC a SpyderCo Tenacious, clipped to my ‘strong-side’ front pocket, a “Swiss Army One-Hand Trekker Multi-Tool Pocket Knife” in my ‘weak-side” pocket, A Leatherman Surge, and an ESEE-6 knife in my day-pack (My prefered One Tool Option), and a small hatchet and a Kukri in my main pack.



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