Let’s Go Survivaling.

Heading “Out There”/ Survivaling

Assuming that I am going Bushwhacking “Out There”, for 3 to 5 days, What am I going to want to put together – in a Trekking Bag / Pack, in order to Assure my Survival, provide for my Needs, and perhaps allow for some measure of ease and comfort?

Let’s start with what I will be wearing, and the items I will have in my pocket(s)

For the purposes of this exercise, I am assuming an outing during Spring thru Autumn, with ‘at least initially’ No Rain/Snow or other inclement weather .. No Extremes in temperature (let’s say mid 50’s to mid 70’s during the day, and mid 40’s to mid 50’s at night)

So, Basic ‘clothing’ might consist of normal underwear, Long sleeve Shirt, Pants*, High top socks and Substantial Boots ….. plus a Hat.

In my pockets, I typically have a “SpyderCo Tenacious” clipped in my Strong-side (right) front pocket, and a Victorinox One-hand Trekker knife in my weak-side (left) front pocket – Both are EDC (Every Day Carry) Plus Additional Cutting Tools described later, and typically carried In or On the pack.
…  Also, I usually have a bandana in a rear pocket.

I would also have a Fully Charged Smartphone typically in a shirt pocket (or elsewhere easily accessible)
In addition to routine or emergency communication, it also carries a number of apps and files including maps of my AO (expected Area of Operation) .. Also, a flashlight for darkness times and emergency signalling .. plus a multitude of other possible uses, to be addressed in future posts.

As for the Pack, Anything from about 30 liters and up would probably do you fine.

Many people like packs with basically one big pocket, but I am kinda partial to a bag with outside pockets .. It seems to me to be useful having multiple pockets, where items can be packed and sorted allowing for easily finding anything you want to get your hands on.

Altho I am aware of the issues surrounding the whole “TactiCool” thing, I Am a fan of Military packs, such as ALICE or MOLLE packs. True, they are Heavy, but since they are made to be Used Hard, they are basically “bullet proof”, and if worse come to worse, you can count of them to Not let you down … this applies to quite a range of Military Gear, Clothing, tools, etc – This will be addressed in future posts.

I like having a frame, but dont really have a major preference between Internal and External frames, as long as there is a good suspension system and padded hip-belt (which just about all Military packs do have)


Okay so now we need to figure out everything else we’re going to put in the pack, and/or go along with the pack/loadout.


Let’s begin with Shelter

  • Tarp,
  • hammock,
  • ground tarp,
  • Bivy,
  • Sleeping Bag,
  • Sleeping Pad?,
  • Paracord and stakes

Additional “Tools”

  • small shovel,
  • ESEE-6,
  • Kukri,
  • small saw,
  • shovel

Utility “Kit”

  • Duct tape,
  • white string,
  • fire kit,
  • Bic lighters,
  • healing cream,
  • Owie kit*


  • MessKit,
  • Twig Burner?,
  • Trangia,
  • (Pathfinder Cook Kit?)
  • Spork/Utensils


  • Puffy,
  • Rain Gear,
  • Puffy Pants
  • Beanie ..
  • Extra Socks
  • gloves

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