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    Injuries in the wilderness (Self-Aid and First-Aid in the woods)

    What Could Possibly Happen? No matter how experienced you are, and how careful you try to be, Injuries in the wilderness Are ‘eventually’ Going To Happen to you. Being prepared to deal with accidents and injuries “Out There” will mean the difference between returning from your outing “Relatively Unscathed”, and having a Very Bad Time. I have spent ‘literally’ Years “Out There, and have of course had my share of oopsies and Owies.. But, Fortunately, I have never gotten Severely Injured “Out There” Self-Aid and First-Aid Kit So .. What do I typically carry with me, to deal with owies? The Essentials that I have in my “PFAK” (Personal First…

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    Best water filter (for bushcraft and Survival)

    My Choice, for Best Water Filter  … { IMHO – YMMV } You Need “Clean” Water!! What I Use I have, over the years, most often relied on Boiling, to provide for “Clean” drinking water. You might see different ideas on boiling water .. Often I see so called experts call for “A Rolling Boil” for a full 5 minutes (or even as high as 20 minutes) Yet, The FDA states that “Baddies” are Killed at 160 degrees F. The Truth – According to Joe – is that “By the time your water reaches that often quoted ‘rolling boil’, and cools to drinking temperature (anywhere on earth), It Is Safe” !! You can…

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    The 13 Essentials (of Wilderness Survivaling)

    The 13 Essentials (of Wilderness Survivaling) Before looking at the 13 Essentials (of WIlderness Survival), Here is a little background on the concept. You are probably familiar with the traditional “10 essentials” (originally formalized in the 70s by “The Mountaineers”  Map  Compass  Sunglasses and sunscreen  Extra clothing  Headlamp or flashlight  First-aid supplies  Firestarter  Matches  Knife  Extra food … Later expanded to the following “Categories” Navigation: Map and compass, [GPS device], [satellite communicators], [extra batteries or a battery pack] Headlamp: Plus extra batteries Sun protection: Sunglasses, sun-protective clothes, and sunscreen First aid supplies, Including foot care and insect repellent (if required) Knife: Plus repair kit Fire: Matches, perhaps a lighter (and tinder?)…

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    Let’s Go Survivaling.

    Heading “Out There”/ Survivaling Assuming that I am going Bushwhacking “Out There”, for 3 to 5 days, What am I going to want to put together – in a Trekking Bag / Pack, in order to Assure my Survival, provide for my Needs, and perhaps allow for some measure of ease and comfort? Let’s start with what I will be wearing, and the items I will have in my pocket(s) For the purposes of this exercise, I am assuming an outing during Spring thru Autumn, with ‘at least initially’ No Rain/Snow or other inclement weather .. No Extremes in temperature (let’s say mid 50’s to mid 70’s during the day,…